Boston's Premiere Green Screen Video Production

Hmmm, So what can Green Screen Boston Do?

At Green Screen Boston, a subdivision of Sound and Vision Media, everything we do is state of the art. Our large studio is equipped with all the essential tools to ensure a successful project. We have a custom-built lighting grid that can be adjusted to your needs of lighting, backlights, adjustable sidelights, a key light, and hair lights. It’s also great to have an audio engineer to ensure professional audio recording of your voiceovers.

 All of our lights have faders to create the perfect color match. Our studio has been a crucial element in New England for over 25+ years. We have filmed everyone from Matt Fraser from the E Channel to John Malkovich. We are also continually shooting corporate videos, attorney commercials, restaurant commercials, TV commercials, and recording stars, to name a few. 

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