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Chroma Keying

Chroma keying is the technique which is often referred to as Green Screen (or blue screen, depending on the color of the screen).

Developed in the 1930s, green screen technology is used today in everything from weather forecast broadcasts to Hollywood blockbusters. It involves combining two images together so that a color from one image is extracted or rendered transparent. That color is then replaced with an alternate image or video, allowing the subject to occupy a variety of environments. Green or blue are the colors typically used because they are considered the furthest away from skin tone. For example, if a meteorologist wears a blue suit, the suit will be replaced with the background image of his weather map.

At Green Screen Boston we utilize a green screen background because image sensors in digital video cameras are the most sensitive to green.

As a result, green screens can produce the cleanest image and need the least light in order to be illuminated. Also, a blue background is more likely to match a person’s eye color or clothing, such as jeans as a navy suit. With our technologically advanced green screen capabilities, Green Screen Boston and Sound & Vision Media allow your creative vision to be realized.

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