Boston's Premiere Green Screen Video Production

The best adventure at Green Screen Boston!

The power of using a green screen has increased over the past few decades. This technology, used on many of your favorite blockbusters films, is now accessible to many. But that does come with a difference. Dealing with such a technique requires a skilled team to build the right ambiance for your project. Many of your favorite YouTubers or Netflix series are using the skill of chroma keying. Here are a few steps and terms we take to make sure that we give you the best adventure at our studio at Green Screen Boston.

Green Screen: This is the color name suggested for the background color to make it transparent or remove from your film. This green color is not usual or ordinary, allowing us to remove it. 

Chroma Key: This famous term goes back to back with the green screen word. It’s the basic procedure of layering videos.

Keying: Removing the green screen background in post-production utilizing video editing software. When the background has been keyed, it will be completely transparent. We can fill that transparent area with pretty much anything. The goal is to get the perfect keying. 

Spill: When the green screen is wholly lit, that same light can reflect the green screen color onto your subject’s face, clothes, or objects used. There are many measures you can take to prevent spills. 

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